Advertising Policy

The Search the Bible Internet Mission is funded by advertising revenue and the personal resources of Steve and Donna Howells.

Advertisements are displayed throughout our website and within Daily Bible Verse emails. These advertisements are served by third-party organizations such as Google and PowerInbox.

While some subscribers have made it clear that they find advertisements to be distracting and perhaps inappropriate in the Christian context, it should be noted that our mission would not be possible without the revenue generated by advertising. Also note that many prominent Christian organizations including Bible Gateway, and Crosswalk are similarly funded by advertising.

To address the concerns of our subscribers, we have made it possible for you to experience our website and emails, without advertising, through payment of a one-time subscription amount of your choosing.

This means that you may purchase indefinite access to Search The Bible ad-free for a one-time payment of say, $5.00.

By comparison, Bible Gateway offers an ad-free experience for a monthly subscription amount of $3.99 - that's $47.88 per year. Many other Bible resource websites do not offer an ad-free option.

Access to our websites and Daily Bible Verse emails with ads remains, as always, completely free.

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