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Daily Bible Reading


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The Daily Bible Reading is a series of scripture readings that will guide you through the entire Bible in one year. Each Daily Bible Reading includes one or more chapters from the New Testament, a Psalm or a chapter of Proverbs, as well as one or more chapters from the Old Testament.

Select the link above to fetch the Daily Bible Reading for today. If you'd like to read a previous Daily Bible Reading or preview a future Daily Bible Reading, select a month and day using the form below, and select the 'Go to..." button.


Each day's selected scriptures are presented together on a single web page for ease of reading. As well, the Daily Bible Reading may be downloaded in PDF format to facilitate printing or offline reading. Your downloaded PDF documents can be managed and read using the Kindle Reading App which is made available to you at no cost via the "Read on any device" link at the bottom of this page.

If you're a subscriber to the free Daily Bible Verse, your daily email lists the day's readings and a link to the Daily Bible Reading page. Click here if you would like to sign up for the free Daily Bible Verse email. You may unsubscribe at any time.

On January 1st of each year, we restart the Daily Bible Readings with the Book of Genesis at the beginning of the Old Testament and the Gospel of Matthew at the start of the New Testament, as well as the 1st Psalm. However, you don't need to wait until then to begin your readings. You can use the form above to catch up with past readings, or simply pick up at today's reading and follow along for a year. This is God's word and you will be equally blessed.